Inspiration is Everywhere


Waiting to catch a flight home, I stepped into a men’s restroom at the airport. There I was surprisingly greeted by the most extraordinary individual. “Good afternoon Sir. I have a clean stall for you right over here.” I stood and listened in amazement as every passenger entering the restroom was welcomed like an old family friend. “Right here Sir. Your stall is beautifully clean and ready for you and I’ll clean it when you leave.”

Somehow this remarkable individual had chosen to make his workplace his own personal domain. Taking charge in a seemingly unimportant and uninspiring place, he had decided to impact every person walking into his restroom in the most positive and inspiring way.

Convicted that I needed to acknowledge and affirm this very special individual, I fumbled in my wallet and found my last $20 bill. “You’re doing a great job and I love your positive attitude” was all I could think to say as I handed him a tip for his great service.

Sitting on the plane reflecting on this amazing encounter, I was reminded that despite the uncertainties and frailties of life, happiness, optimism and gratitude are choices we can make every day despite what is going on around us. That is our real power.